Sudoku – Dragon Adventure


What can kids learn?

  • Improve logical thinking, concentration and reasoning.
  • Build critical thinking skills.
  • Build confidence in abilities to complete challenging tasks.

Age: 4+

Paid app

Are there adds in the app? No

Are there links that lead outside the app? Yes, protected by a parental gate.

Are there in-app purchases? No

About the app:

  • Great version of Sudoku.
  • Solve the puzzles and raise your own dragon.
  • Hatch your dragon egg and raise the hatchling into its amazing adult form. Collect wonderful treasures in the dragon cave.
  • Specially designed to challenge players of all ages.
  • Being encouraged by their dragon kids solve the puzzles to collects treasures for the dragon cave.
  • The app offers clear instructions to get into the game easily even without knowing what Sudoku is.

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