More or Less : Learn addition and subtraction

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What can kids learn?

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Adding or subtracting quantities
  • Playing with quantities
  • Working with complements (e.g. 3+7=10)
  • Do missing number operations


  • 5-7

Paid app

Free light version (with in-app purchases)

Are there adds in the app? No

Are there links that lead outside the app? Yes, protected by a parental gate.

Are there in-app purchases? No, not in the paid app.

About the app:

  • Discover addition and subtraction by playing with beads.
  • Three levels of difficulty are offered.
  • Settings are available in the app to adapt to the child’s level.
  • A wooden number toy that interacts with tablets can be used to play with the app. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, it stimulates the child’s senses even further! Find out more.

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